When You Work For A Good Cause...

You Will Get Support.

A company that has roots in a very simple goal; to invest in developing Africa in a sustainable manner by exposing their culture and heritage through art, jewelry, and crafts.

Wear Africa Around the World

Our goal is to share African culture with the World

and reinvest our time, energy, and money in furthering African development projects and goals.

About WearAfrica

Made of copper, tin, Ebony wood, cow bone, cow horn, banana leaves, and other local resources, all of the jewelry is handcrafted and comes from countries all over Sub-Saharan Africa. There are styles and crafts unique to Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and South Africa. I enjoy purchasing from these large city markets because it allows more lives and ultimately mouths to be touched along the entire supply train.

All of WearAfrica's products make wonderful gifts, personal accents, wedding or party favors, or simple household decor. Most importantly though, WearAfrica products bring along an African feeling with them, and a story that helps promote cross-cultural integration between Africa and the world.